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What shade of Lavender are you?

Do you dream in ultramarine? Have peculiar, plum-coloured thoughts? Or perhaps you’re more of a laid-back lilac? Whatever your shade, there’s no need to dull it down – or paint yourself as something you’re not. Through the Genus Grad program, we’ll nurture all your best bits and help you design, build, craft, laugh and innovate your way to success. Applications for the 2019 Program are now closed.

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"Genus pushes you to be exactly who you are – to grow in the right way."

Will, 2016 Grad

Quick Q&A

Get the lowdown on the Lavender Genus Grad Program.

Genus is a Graduate Program run by independent agency CX Lavender. Each year we bring a small number of recent grads on board, and place them in roles to suit their specific skills, strengths and aspirations. There’s no one type of Genus Grad – the program suits all shades, from creative souls and technical geniuses to smart strategic thinkers. If you’ve recently finished your studies, it could be the perfect place to kickstart your career.
If you’re entitled to work in Australia and have graduated with a university degree in the last 2 years, we’d love to hear from you. Because our agency encompasses everything from data to digital to design, we’re not looking for a specific qualification or degree – Genus Grads are placed in whatever role will suit them best. You might have studied marketing, design, communications, business or something tech-related. At the end of the day, we base our choice of grads much more on your attitude and the colours of your personality than on formal creds.
As a Genus Grad, you’ll be placed in a role to suit your particular shade of Lavender. We don’t believe in departments. Instead, you’ll join a ‘guild’ that lets your colour of expertise shine. The day-to-day duties you’ll be carrying out will depend on the role you end up in, but could involve:
  • Showing your creative talents as a copywriter, designer or art director
  • Managing a project from fledgling idea to unstoppable campaign
  • Creating apps, websites and other digi-coloured ideas
  • Working ‘behind the scenes’ with hard-core tech
  • Analysing data to unearth insights into how people think and behave
  • Pioneering new methods of working, at client’s offices and our own
You’ll be contracted as a permanent employee with a 6-month probation period. This is just to make sure the program is working for you and us. After that, we’ll want to hold on to you as long as you’re bringing your colours to the party.
Kind of, but better. Like an intern, you’ll gain exposure across all different parts of the industry – from marketing to technology. But unlike an intern, you’ll be a fully-fledged, full-time staff member with your own desk, designated clients, responsibilities (and salary). You’ll also be responsible for a range of duties depending on the role you’re working in. Whether you end up as a budding designer or a junior digital producer, you’ll hit the ground running in a job that’s the real deal.
CX Lavender is an independent CX agency that specialises in customer experience. Once upon a time this revolved around marketing and advertising, but as the world around us evolved, we have too. Our heart beats for the customer and because of this, we create meaningful communications through data, creative and technology. We help clients connect with customers in a whole range of ways – from smart systems integration to creative campaigns, websites and clever apps. But no matter what the project may be, our approach is always the same: to keep the consumer at the heart of everything we do. Want to dig deeper? Visit our website.
We specialise in customer experience. This covers a whole host of interactions – from smart phone apps and websites, to intuitive systems and targeted emails. With our integrated skills, our team is able to solve any problem, whether it’s keeping customers loyal, or selling a hot new product. We’re interested in fresh ideas, new trends and tech that hasn’t even been invented yet. That said, our greatest passion is the customer – so, whether we’re dreaming up an app or creating a new variety of cucumber, our goal is always to find ways of making it relevant to people around us.
We have a culture that embraces personalities of every shade and what they bring to the table. We value authenticity, people with colourful characters, deep ambition and vibrant ideas.
CX Lavender is built around a collaborative, egalitarian culture. We believe in being Smart Brave Kind: Smart in problem analysis; Brave in decision making; Kind in our treatment of each other. So, you can expect to be respected, treated fairly and nurtured from day one.
Genus is a term that describes a particular order or group of species – and that’s exactly how we see our grads. Everyone at CX Lavender mixes with their unique shade and our grads are no exception – but beneath the surface, we all share one important passion: the customer! We’re proud of who we are – it’s what defines ‘us’.
CX Lavender is home for anyone. We’re a vibrant mix – we’re colourful extroverts, cool introverts, design nerds, tech-gurus, free spirits, innovators and empathisers. We want grads who can add their own colour to the mix. You don’t need to have all the answers – you just have to be yourself, be passionate, have a good attitude and have lots of questions!
Absolutely. We know you have bills to pay just like the rest of us, so we make sure our grads are paid in line with industry standards.
To apply, simply download and complete the application form after 27 August, and make sure you send it back to us by 27 September (that’s when applications close!).